HELP!!!! A special request……

Hi Guys,


My portable hard drive has died……I have all the files that are important to  me EXCEPT (there had to be an ‘except’ didn’t there?) my E-mail…..ALL (and I mean ALL) my e-mail was on that,,,,,,,so I do not have easy access to your e-mail if we do our business or chatter by e-mail. I still have my newsletter list, but can no longer (at the click of a key) e-mail you …….so send me a funny e-mail and I can then refill my address book……I am setting up online backing up TONIGHT…..sheesh!!  I am in the middle of corresponding with some of you regarding kits and things……please send those e-mails again…..Kim, can you send on your address 🙂


Thanks for your help here!!

Sharon xxxxxxxx


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