Colleague gifts……

These were some cute little token gifts I made for the boys at work…….I teach closely with about 15 males (yep between the two faculties I am involved in there are two girls!!) and I usually just do something little for them……a chance to wish them a great holiday break (almost more important to us than Christmas…….). These were die cut using my big shot and the carton die…..(that poor machine never rests) and filled with honey roasted cashews…..just a nice little handful……They were stamped ith the cute set ‘Got treats’ that goes perfectly with the cardtons (has all the cute little ‘open here’ signs you see on a carton. I them used some strips of left over designer series paper to decorate them…..I’m in the process of challenging myself to use all the scraps of that paper on projects over the next week…….

The tops were just sealed half way and then a mini peg was used to keep the nuts from spilling out the spout end…..I only filled these the night before and I’m quite sure the nute were gobbled up and the cartons all went home to show their wives and girlfriends……they were quite taken with their little cartons…..

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2010


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