What have we been up to??

Those of you who have attended classes at my house, put your hand up!!

You will know this scene EXCEPT, the tiles have all been replaced and we are putting on the second coat of sealer….one more to go!!

Those who haven’t ……….. well there was a couple of slate tiles that had disintegrated just at the entrance to the kitchen…….most of the ones you see have been pulled out (what hard work that is….requires a crowbar, hammer and some strong muscles……..), placed, grouted and now sealed…….who did it?? Mostly my sister, but myself and Dad helped out……….we can teach and renovate LOL!!!!!!

Wait til you see it! You can book into my valentines class on the 4th and get to see those smooth babies for yourself ……and see the muscles we have built in the process……..


YAY to our DYI skills!!!


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