A great way to buy your inkpads……and with a gift with purchase, why not grab ’em now!

Now here is something I learned this week, after nearly a year of this Stampin’ Up! catalogue and I only just figured this out!! If you buy a whole colour family of inkpads you save money …..yep for just $94.95 for 10 inkpads, or in the neutral family just $75.95 for 8 pads. At the regular price of $11.95 each you actually save a bundle……NOT only that, but check out how they are delivered!! They come in a sturdy white carton that is designed to store them in. The lid folds back on the box to leave them on a very nice angle to grab them out for easy use………if you’d like to take advantage of this cool system of ink pad purchase, just drop me a line at sharon@lvh.com.au and I can order them for you today…..oh, and the other exciting thing is that this month if you spend over $100, you are going to get a gift with purchase.

Check out the ribbon and buttons you receive when you spend $100 on any catalogue items…..


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