A simple pleasure….

…..is checking out what Nancy Riley has picked as her ‘picks of the week’ on her istamp blog. Nancy is a demonstrator in the US and does a weekly wrap up of the best SU! based items on the web each week. It has been great to see so many aussie artists make it of late. I love to check this site out and use it as a resource all the time. This card is based on this one by Carrie, AKA the artistic avenger LOL. I had to make some cards for my sister in law to thank her for an amazing gift she gave our family recently, you know the best kind…..peace of mind. I use Nancy’s site for this kind of inspiration, particularly when my inspiration has gone AWOL…….

You guys really should bookmark both Nancy and Carrie’s sites……both amazing artists!! I will show you the other card I made using Nancy’s great balloon birthday card as well. Oh, and the other tip – I made half a dozen copies of each card, gave most to my sister in law and kept a few for my stash box……especially when number one son comes upstairs at 7.15pm and announces (after we’ve had dinner),,,”Oh, I forgot about an 18th birthday party dinner I’m supposed to be at in Camden, tonight….can I go? Have you got a card I can use?”…….for the love of……teenagers!!!!!! Back to battling the winds and the washing…………have a good weekend……

Oh, please note – the suede technique down the side….so fun and cool!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2011


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