A masculine thank you…..

Brendan, my eldest son, has been working very hard this holidays. One of the things he has been working on is his major work for his HSC metalwork subject. One of the last jobs he had to do was get the whole thing powder coated, which means that the whole thing gets coated and then baked in an oven, not a process you can do at home. There is a man who does this a few kilometres from where we live. His daughter actually goes to school with Brendan so he thought he might give him a ring. It is amazing the contacts you can get when your kids go to such a big school! He couldn’t have been nicer – it is lovely to see someone giving a young guy like Brendan a break. Brendan picks the project up in the morning and the lovely man has charged us such a nominal fee that a thank you is definitely deserved. After a facebook conversation with his daughter, it was decided that he would be most happy with a card….now that I can do!! Here we go…..a simple, understated thank you……..thanks you’s are all too undervalued by society, so I hope he likes this one…..

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