Birthday card from this months class…..

Hi guys, been slow around the old bloggo whilst I get back into work again……ahh the headaches!! This cute little creation is an adaptation of a card I have been doing with my groups this month. It is using a hostess set that will soon be retiring. My eldest daughter is off to a birthday party this weekend and she and I made this one to go with her gift. This is a bucket of cosmetics that any 14 year old would love LOL……along with a little money, Rachel should be happy with this little stash……The card is a matchbook card, always fun to make and I have tried hard to make sure it won’t look silly standing on a shelf or the like. I will post the stuff I used, but have a massive headache after a 16 hour shift yesterday……so off to catch some shut eye before the weeks washing and shopping need to be done…oh I do have an exciting life LOL!! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!! All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2011


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