I am back……..LOL….well things are settling down a bit here and wanted to show you this cutie. My bonnyrigg girls get together once a month and invariably need to top up their supplies. This is a lovely group of friends who just ooze love and friendship for each other and so when they order, they share the freebies. They have a library of hostess sets that they all pass around and the rest of the hostess dollars goes towards something that they will all share. They often leave it as a surprise and I order and distribute the freebies…..always fun to rat through your order bag and find out what freebie you ended up with this month LOL!! This is the last order for the current mini and I couldn’t resist working it out so they each got one of these cute stamps…..hope they aren’t reading this before I see them Friday night LOL!! Liiiizzzzz…..are you working tonight LOL!?! Anyway, the other little surprise I usually give them is the tag I make for their orders, I try something new each time and set them up so they can untie them and ad them to their stash for reuse on a gift they give to a friend……..This cute little hello blossom stamp is just adorable and goes so nicely with the free offer of ribbon and button pack that goes with orders over $100…..only a few days left on that one…….1st of August will see the retirement list advertised…..get in quick!!

I will show you the cards we have been making this month over the weekend…..take care ’til then!!

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2011


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