July class cards

Hi…..back with some piccies of this months cards. They were made last night by my lovely Bonnyrigg ladies…..we had a lovely time – an especially joyful time spent with these lovely ladies….and I know Barb is still smiling!! You go girl!! Now….the first one , the hello card is a CASE of this card by Lynn……found on the lovely Nancy’s site again….see –  we all need a kick in the mojo occasionally. Anyway the colour inspiration I used was from the playground buttons from the last catalogue…I opened the container and knew it was time to break open the more mustard again. The other card is the pink version of the concord crush matchbook card I showed you last weekend…..I really like this one. The girls all delighted in making cards using the free stamps they earned from their sales last month. You should really think about getting a group together like these ladies and reaping the benefits from the buying power you achieve when you all order together, not to mention a few cards to make in the process……next month we start our Christmas card collections…..any takers for a Christmas class?? If you are interested in a Christmas class, just yell out and I’ll organise one!!


All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 -2011


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