Change what works

If a card works, then keep using it over and over. That is something that I have done before and will do again. The card I have presented here today is my graduation card, well I wish I was just graduating (last time I did that was about 20 years agi…sssheeessshh, where did the years go?), but I mean the cards I made for all the graduates in my life. The kids I teach got one, my next door neighbours daughter got one and of course my eldest son did too. He was presented his with a funky necklace that he hasn’t had off since I gave it to him – so obviously it was a good pick. It was a nice sterling silver and rubber (materials that can be worn anywhere – I know my boys) surfy style piece. The card you see below is the same card, using a different spinner from the set……..a little hint to my giveaway for next week…… need to scroll down two posts in order to be in the draw…..This colour combination is also a winner – love navy and red together and the seam binding ribbon is clearly my favourite……Will be back later with one or two more posts I might schedule while I’m away, I’m off on holidays having just finished the science course I am tutoring my son in…….we are both so happy to be finished – has been a hard three days to finish it off.

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