Family crap….

Only read on if you are prepared for mummy dribble…..crafting post soon enough! Many of you have met my eldest son……this lad (he is only 17) has just finished school and is planning on joining the police force, but alas he is too young. A good thing though, because I can send him out into the world to have all sorts of adventures and teach him the value of hard work and of course money. He finished his last exam on Wednesday and started a casual, summer, very short term job. He is labouring on a turf farm. He is being paid quite well but is working his butt off in the process. He worked on Thursday, Friday and is back there today….so he will be making hay while the sun shines…..almost literally. I am actually at home at the moment, on leave from work….helping him with his last exam and then supporting him at the beginning of his journey. We have just finished the ‘man land’ clean out…….he shares a flat with my nephew under my house, so armed with bleach and scrubbing brushes and garbage bags we spent the best part of yesterday cleaning the ‘land ‘ and cleansing it of all things HSC and somewhat simplifying his life….he is now looking forward to hanging out there with some of his mates during summer on their downtime. He is being so patient waiting to turn 18…..he is refraining from the evil drink and drugs – having a good time with his mates (he takes after his parents there……we are both into enjoying ourselves and remembering every aspect) and saving up madly for his first car……..I feel this is such a new phase in all our lives – it has given me some energy that I haven’t had for some time…..and I feel so positive… to just go and ‘make it happen’. I start HSC marking on Tuesday , so each day I will make my way to Wollongong to start at 4pm and finish at 9pm……then head to bed to start all over again the next day. I will probably get to show you some projects though….have a lot on the boil…..

update…Brendan hurt himself at work on Tuesday – massive gash on his shin and so had to have 2 days off…..but back today as keen as mustard with waterproof dressing in tow along with antibiotics, pain killers and anti inflammatories…..ahhh the joys of work…..(it has been nice spending the days with my boy before I head to marking each day……  :-))…..its so great when our kids turn into real people you actually like…….I love that!!


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