My boys…….mushy crap again…….sorry!

Here are my boys, the young and old, the short and tall of it…….they have both finished (as have I…) a stage in their lives. The eldest awaits his final exam results, having partied with his classmates on the 1st of December in the city……whilst the youngest has graduated from Primary school and prepares to fight it out amongst the big kids. Jared (my gorgeous baby) had his farewell last night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am grateful for many things, but most of all for the great people my kids are turning into. On the most part, I enjoy spending time with my kids and have enjoyed watching Brendan approach adulthood for which I feel I have prepared him well. It is important to me that they be prepared to take on all that life can dish out, whether that be good or bad (still finding the positive in EVERY situation). He knows he will make mistakes and he knows we have his back and will guide him through any turmoil and most of all, he truly is one the best conversationalists in my world……so I’m giving myself a pat on the back……me and the doc…..we have done good! I can’t wait for the adventures these changes will make to our lives and helping young Jared steadily negotiate the teenage years and high school…(I know a bit about that one……LOL)…….have a good one people, I will today!!


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