Big shot dies do come in handy…..

I have just spent the afternoon making a cute gift that cost me about $2 (less actually) and some scraps of felt and buttons. I have created some matching hairclips, magnetic bookmark and a bracelet for a little girl…….check this gift out!!

I used the island floral die to cut three layers of felt at a time, made 6 sets – 2 for the hairclips, one for bookmark and three for the bracelet…….too cute huh!. I used my cropadile to cut holes into the top of the hair clip – yes….the cropadile did that like melting butter!!! I then sewed the green flower to the clips and around the bracelet. I layered the pink and purple flower as desired and sewed the button through both layers of felt and then just used some craft glue (crystal effects works brilliantly) to stick the top two layers to the green flower underneath….neat huh!! Hope this inspires you to create some gifts for the littlies in your world……this set is off to a very girlie 3 year old!!

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