Making use of what you have….

It is my newest passion to make a simple gift into something special. It is all the more satisfying to utilise things that are in your stash and especially heart warming when you used up scraps in the process. My sister is off to visit a friend who recently had a gorgeous baby girl…….and she was wondering how to ‘wrap’ her cute gift of two tops and two pairs of pants……and I came up with this……

Who wouldn’t love to receive this? I used a plastic pot that once held an arrangement of flowers (had no hole in the base – always keep the great containers that gifts come in and use them to wrap up your own treasures) and we rolled the clothes into the bottom and created the decorated skewers. This was totally inspired by the work of Ruth Clarke – a very talented Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. Check out her amazing work here…..I think these decorated skewers are very handy – look great mixed in with a bunch of flowers……or on top of special cupcakes……and the list goes on….. I am sure the recipient will love these…..wait til you see the hair clips I have planned for this afternoon LOL……Will pop back with them when I get a chance

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2012


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