Ok….so more drama in my life…..LOL…..ahhh well things really can only get better!! My eldest son has had an injury at work – a nail through his right eye…..yep……straight through the middle…….two emergency surgeries later and he has had the lens removed and the eye is next to useless. There is good news though….he still has an eye and hopefully they can do something about his vision in about 3 months……now, in the middle of all this we decided to do some home maintenance….why?…..I have no friggin idea!! LOL….We resurfaced our benches and replaced our white fibreglass sink with a stainless one…..and we have even changed things a bit since this photo was taken. the microwave is now up in the space where the cookbooks are and a gorgeous recipe book holder is in its place…..so much more room to work and when you cater for 9 people each meal you need all the room you can get. It was a hassle, but soooooo worth it.

I read in a magazine while sitting in a waiting room in a hospital (that, I have done 5 times so far this year sshheeesssshhh!!) that the best thing to do to liven up your kitchen is clear the benches……so true…I now love my kitchen…..LOL…

I finally got to do something vaguely holidayish and had lunch with a friend today in lovely downtown Bowral. She drove up from the south coast and we drove down. She makes cards for many of the aged citizens of her town so I made a cardbox for her and loaded it with some cards and prestamped and coloured sentiments…

I used some retired goodies and the lovely stamp set – creative elements to make the tag….cute huh…….and here are some of the cards I started her off with…

I have just bought myself the lovely large butterfly die and am hooked…….can you tell?? Oh and the other holidayish thing i do is clean up and I found the lovely cards my stamping Babes from Bonnyrigg gave me this year…..

How lucky am I?…..simply answered…..very lucky!!!

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2 thoughts on “Randomness…..

  1. Sharon, so sorry to hear about your son (Jarrod)? I hope he stays positive during his recuperation as they can do miracles with eyes/lenses these days.
    Kitchen looks great and love the cards. Am going to Lana’s monthly stamp class at the mo but let me know if you start up another one in amongst your hectic household. Say hi to your sister

  2. Hi Sharon, Gee I thought I had my ups and downs…..this all just reminds us we all have issues some where along the line. I hope your son gets some postive news about his eye or at least has the same out look as yourself.
    Your Kitchen looks great.
    Joe and I have moved to Moss Vale and I think I will be unpacking boxes for a long time. Unfortunatly all my Stampin stuff is packed at the back of the shed.
    Take care

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