6 weeks later…..

helloI did promise I’d be back……fat lot my promises mean LOL…..I do have some cards that I have been making, ready for you to look at but will stagger them over the next few weeks. I still love this set and am using it often as a go to set for a nice card to say ‘hi’ to a friend……I have lots of friends who need some lovin’ lately and so I have a few of these in the post to hopefully put a smile on their dial. I set you a challenge! Go and make a card tonight instead of watching some ridiculous TV show and send it in the mail to cheer up a friend…….you will impact someone’s life…I promise you…(ooops there goes another promise). Come back and let me know if you rise to the challenge……you never know…..you may get something in return {wink, wink}

The new catalogue goes live on the 1st…….so be sure to check it out online…..you can order new product straight from the online store if you’d like by clicking here. If you’d like a catalogue sent to your door for just $10 – drop me an e-mail sharon@lvh.com.au

Hope the weather isn’t getting you down and hip hooray to those of us with holidays…..

All images © Stampin’ Up! 1990 – 2013


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