Big Shot Shirt

Now…no stampin….no paper or cardstock….no ribbon…..BUT heaps of buttons and fabric……

I had a shirt given to me a few years ago that I really loved. On the yoke (the panel bit around the neckline) it had a layer of tulle with some lovely bead work. Bead work on shirts always makes me nervous at wash time and this one washed and washed and washed….but eventually the beads came away. I stripped the beads off and it has been sitting in my craft room for eons waiting for me to do something with it……and I finally did……I used my bigshot – my floral dies and some buttons and just layered them up……here is how it turned out….



Big Shot Shirt


Now I since washed it and it doesn’t quite look as ‘neat, but we’ll see what it looks like when it gets off the line. The buttons are a lovely range of colours and sizes of neutral tones with a gold fleck through them and I’ve stitched them on with gold thread. I even put a flower on the upper middle of the back of the shirt for a bit of fun…….I’m very happy to have an old/new shirt again, even if it’s just for a while…..

I’ll have some new stuff in the next few posts… you need an occasions or a salebration catalogue? – Drop me a line if I can help you out.

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